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Omega-3 & DHA Chicken Eggs

Product Line:

Ba Huan Omega-3 and DHA eggs have 3 times more Omega 3 and 5 times higher DHA than regular chicken eggs. All these contents have been tested by the authorities.

At Ba Huan nutritional eggs are produced according to very strict standards: From hatching stage – poultry feed – breeding farm – egg handling and processing – commercial eggs – refrigerated vehicle system transporting eggs to distributors such as stores, supermarkets, kitchens, etc.

Researched food rich in micronutrients to create eggs with high levels of Omega 3 and DHA. The weight of commercial eggs must reach the standard 58-62 grams per egg.

Egg handling process is also very different, eggs are washed at warm water temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, after washing eggs are cleaned with 9% sodium chloride solution, eggs are treated and stored in a temperature environment. lower than 25 degrees Celsius, to keep the full nutrients and fresh taste of each egg.

In addition, the nutritional egg products of Ba Huan company have obtained certifications from authorities and large organizations such as: high quality Vietnamese goods certification, safe food chain certification, Halal certification of food safety. Islamic food standards, ISO 22000:2018 food safety management system certification, Vietgap certification in livestock, etc.

With the ambition of serving the community with high quality products, ensuring food hygiene and safety, Ba Huan is constantly improving, researching and creating, and is always dedicated and dedicated to community health.

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