Chicken drumstick

Product Line:

Chicken drumstick is the meat that is identified on the knee and under the butt of the chicken, this is a large, firm and delicious meat because it is located in the joint that is often used by the chicken to run and jump.

In a chicken, each part will have different nutritional value. Particularly for chicken thighs, the content of protein, fat, vitamins such as A, B, C, E is very high. Chicken garlic thighs are a suitable ingredient for cooking fried chicken dishes, fried chicken thighs with pepper, fried chicken with fish sauce, fried chicken thighs with garlic butter,… Ba Huan chicken thighs are mixed from clean standard chickens, produced and packaged according to HACCP-ISO 22000 standards: modern cool meat preservation technology, ensuring the quality of fresh meat, intact nutrition care to the customer.

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